Tammy Guo


Acrylic painting, 2017

The goal for this piece is to capture the elements that accompany a city lifestyle and urban development.  The glowing colours of the city background which depicts life and possibility contrasts with the girl who stands alone in the foreground.  She looks onto the city as if she’s longing, or expecting something from it.  This represents the fact that, despite living in a high class, luxurious, and technologically advanced environment, satisfaction is not always achieved as if there is something always missing from life.  Despite the large population, city life is often mundane which results in city residents even feeling lonely or trapped.  This also introduces the idea that as the future welcomes more cities, people become psychologically impacted, not necessarily in a positive way.  Furthermore, the blurry city grants the piece a surreal quality which ties in with how city residents grow to be so immersed with the qualities of their environment that everything seems like a passing dream, making it difficult to discern between reality and fantasy.

(This piece was inspired by pascalchampion on deviantart.)