Tiana Young



Paper over armature on wooden base, 2017

I wanted to create a piece that portrayed elements from nature alongside a human component in a demonstration of, not only my own interest, but humanity’s interest with the study of nature and the forces that drive it.

Cornelius was created as a representation of the concept of hybridization; the act/process in which two different species are fused to create a combination between the two, a hybrid. I was inspired by the interaction between humans, animals and flora, combined with humanity’s scientific and technological intervention that brings these three things together.

The outer sculpture is made from one medium, A4 copy paper, and is one colour in order to unite each individual feature to create a singular image. I also chose not to add colour to my sculpture as I felt it would create a greater differentiation between components. I had intended to have my sculpture looked at as a whole, and not separate the features by adding distinctions between them. Cornelius is my 3-dimentional approach to give depth to the concept of combining organisms with the use of scientific engineering and technology; fields that are constantly progressing and making new advancements.