Victoria Glanton

Bottled Up

Still Life Photography, 2016

The theme of my artwork is bottled up emotions, which relates to broken emotions. I portrayed my theme by the use of the glass bottle and the thumbtacks. I used thumb tacks to represent the bottled up feelings of anger, betrayal and hurt. I broke the glass to represent and connect my theme to time and show what happens when you bottle up your emotions over time.

I chose photography as my media because it was the best way to portray my message. I also chose it because I wanted to show it in a different way and use a media that I haven’t done before. I chose to put thumbtacks because I wanted to represent emotions that people bottle up. I used it to represent emotions like anger, betrayal and hurt/sad emotions. I chose the Coke bottle, specifically the glass one because I wanted the bottle to break and the brand, Coke to symbolize the pop that happens when you shake coke and it fizzes.

I related my theme to time by showing what happens when you bottle up your emotions overtime. I named my piece Bottled Up because it was once bottled up, but is now broken. I connected this to artist Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Vase, 1995. I connected my artwork to this Ai Weiwei’s piece by the picture in the background with him dropping the vase. The last image is my connection to his work, because my glass was broken as well, which also shows the passage of time.