Vrishub Merai


Photography, 2017

The name of my photograph is “Excite”. I wanted to make a picture that reflected the spark or excitement that lies behind all creative processes. It is all about how much excitement and energy your life has the potential to experience, I wanted to capture something to embody the intangible nature of the idea.

I chose this theme because I love the adrenaline and excitement that you can get from simply living life, whether its climbing a mountain, facing a fear, or achieving a goal. The mood was to be very intense and to have the fire stand out. I wanted a warm and intense mood. I believe I used the principle of emphasis well, You are able to see a bright circle in the middle which I find to look beautiful. Also the match and the box is in focus while everything else is not. Also I feel the smoke adds to the intensity of the fire which in turn adds to the intensity of my theme. I hope that after viewing my image people with get enthused and excited to create something of their own.