Wayne Zhu

Vector Self-Portrait as Objects

Digital Laser Print, 2017

I created this work as a self-portrait as a collection of objects. It was created as an abstract vector from multiple objects of personal value.

The Object Self-Portrait assignment became a deep reflection of my own personal ideals, beliefs and values. The objects that I have chosen to be concatenated- a typewriter, a digital camera, and an AT-AT – are meant to represent my love and deep passion for technology. In addition, these three objects also represent tech of the past as the antique typewriter, tech of the present as the digital camera, and tech of the future as the SciFi-esque AT-AT. While the typewriter and camera are tools of creativity and expression from the past and from the present, the AT-AT is a testament to the power of imagination and the intrigue of an unknown future.

While by no means am I a skillful artist by pen and paper, I firmly believe that the unhalting development and the growing availability of digital tools as a medium for art gives more people an opportunity to explore and enjoy the field of visual arts without necessarily being naturally talented at traditional and orthodox artistic skills.