Westley Le Donne


Stop-Motion Animation, 2017

“Forsaken” was an animation born out of curiosity and awareness. I’ve had some of my good friends come to me to seek help after they said they wanted to commit suicide. They came to me because they wanted help, and they saw me as a trustworthy person. I helped them, and now they are on the road to being more healthy. But it made me wonder what sort of mindset you must have to resort to a state of desperation.

This animation was made from those ideas. It’s a visualization of what is going on in the mind of those who are struggling with mental health. But thankfully with things like modern science, scientists are using all of their research and skills in studying the brain of someone who is depressed. Scientists use that research to help the patient in many ways, like for example medications and psychological counseling. Because of this research people with depression are getting they help they need. My animation shows that there isn’t only one way out. The light at the end represents the other alternatives to suicide. The light could be interpreted as anything, like a friend, or a family member, tying into the science of studying the brain.