WTA 2016 – Place

Walk the Art 2016 is an exhibition of student artwork from the Peel District School Board that explores and uncovers the place of Peel Region, the cities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, and the interactions of the people who live here.
Place is defined by a boundary, in which the centre is separated from the periphery – that which lays outside. A place determines who is included and excluded from a particular community through various obstacles and challenges. Our sense of community can be defined through the cultures and subcultures to which we all belong, as we participate in customs and rituals that create that sense of belonging. As you delve deeper into a place you must move beyond its geographical and environmental location and the cultures that shape the land. It is the people who reside within the boundaries of a place that are responsible for shaping the identity of the land and its people, and how their various identities intersect to form their roles and responsibilities within the community.
Place not only defines the physical structure and characteristics of the land, but also uncovers the inner psychology of the people who live there.
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