Yvonne Chung

I am More than My Selfie

Photograph, 2017

The title of this photograph is, “I am More Than My Selfie ”. I chose this title because I wanted to express that our online identities cannot reflect our true selves as we are not just two dimensional. In a time where social media is such a big part of our lives, I wanted to show that what we post online is not all there is to us. It may be easy to smile for a photo when in reality, you feel like you’re about to break.

I desaturated the whole photo and inverted the steel wool because the high contrast and stark lack of colour evokes an eerie vibe which makes the model appear like a mystical creature. The circular light effect of the steel wool enhanced the radial balance which leads your eyes to the model in the center. I hope to inspire people to develop themselves beyond their online identities.