Zohaib Vehra

Architect’s Carousel

Animated Gif, 2017

This work explores the idea of creation and destruction.  In cities like Toronto for example, with the rapid pace of gentrification, it is hard to appreciate the culture and history of a community and its architecture as buildings are created and torn down so quickly .


Buildings are essential to the city and more importantly are home to many; thus they must be created fast.  I illustrated this by showing how the building came from a sketch and is a creation of hard work, followed by the same building reverting back to a sketch showing how often hard work fades and is replaced. This piece was made in Photoshop, through use of a filter in order to give the building a “sketched” look. The building starts solid, then turns to sketch to show that it all came from one design.

This GIF expresses the work and effort that goes into each and every building. While also showing how quickly the cycle of creation and destruction occurs.