Student Artist Agreement Form

To participate in the annual Walk the Art exhibition, the artist agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Neither Walk the Art, its organizers, the exhibiting gallery, nor its members are responsible for any theft or damage to the material being exhibited for the duration of the show at the gallery. Participating artists exhibit at their own risk. Artworks will remain up for the duration of the show. Students may not take work home before the closing date.
  2. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that the work being submitted is “exhibition ready”. Works that are not properly prepared may not be exhibited at the discretion of the gallery staff. Works that require extensive installation will require the artist on site for setting up the work.
  3. Dropping off works prior to the exhibit and picking them up after its conclusion at the designated locations is the responsibility of the student exhibitors (see checklist for drop-off details) and supporting teachers. Works which are not received by the drop-off deadline will not be exhibited. Works must be picked up no later than indicated in the annual outline of important dates. All works to be exhibited in Walk the Art must conform to existing anti-discrimination policies and environmental policies in the Peel District School Board and reflect ministry expectations.
  4. Exhibited works may be photographed or reproduced for publication and information purposes including the news media and for educational purposes. Examples include, but are not limited to, exhibition posters, exhibition catalogues, the Walk the Art Website, and other publications of the Peel District School Board, or the exhibition partner (i.e. the gallery / museum at which the exhibition is taking place). The artist’s name and photograph may be used in these additional publications.
  5. The artist’s permission must be secured individually for reproduction for commercial purposes.
  6. The organizers of Walk the Art will, if necessary, exercise the right to limit works by their size and number, based on the availability of space and the number of exhibitors.
  7. Artists have the option of donating their work to fundraising for various initiatives and organizations, at the discretion of the exhibition organizers. The supported organization will be identified prior to the show. Artists have the right to set the minimum purchase price for their work. Artists retain copy rights of their work (with the exception of allowing the exhibition organizers to use images of the artwork for promotional and archive purposes, as stated in #4).
  8. Exhibitors will be notified of any changes or additions to the conditions listed here.
  9. Those joining our mailing list, and submitting files online understand that this information is collected for the sole purpose of communicating about Walk the Art. Your personal information will not be purposefully shared with any third party. However, the artist is aware that their personal information is being submitted to a server outside of the Peel District School Board’s system, and appropriate precautions have been taken to ensure your information is secure. However, the organizers of Walk the Art do not take responsibility for any breach of your personal information. As with all online interactions, it is up to you to discern your level of comfort with submitting personal information online, and assessing the appropriate risks.
  10. Our aim for  your participation in this exhibition is to help promote a healthy digital footprint. Please be aware that any submission to Walk the Art (i.e. artworks, artist statements, comments on the blog, blog posts you write, etc.) can be used by and at the discretion of Walk the Art.


Revised: November 2014